Sunday, February 15

for mere

a post.
a memory.


Monday, October 6

QT... disappointing. TWO days in a row now I have gone to QT to spend my hard-earned $1.07 and get a 22oz. 'cola' freezoni, but have I????? NO!! bc I go to the ghetto qt in haltom city and they obviously cannot manage to keep their cola coming. So today i settled for a white-cherry. Listen to your mothers. Don't EVER settle.
it sucks.

but on a lighter note, not school today! and no more PetDumb! and I went to Houston this weekend, but ruined the trip by getting barfy. but i saw DAN last night and we got snocones!
and for the first time i really just want it to start getting cold. I am ready for layers. Oh! i forgot to mention my extreme sleeping on saturday. 20+ hours!! thats right. off and on from about 7am to 5pm and then solid from 5pm to 8am. It was crazy and completely disorienting.
and um i need lunch so i think i may go now.
Plus, i havent been to steve and barrys in a while now and who can pass up adorable clothing for less than $10???? seriously. its insane. and according to mere theres this adorable simple red dress that i must get. too bad her prego belly wont be able to fit into it.

Friday, August 8


well actaully the preview is all you get.
its like when you go to the movies and see a GREAT HILARIOUS preivew and you wait and wait to find out months later that the movie will never come out.
sorry about that, but i could not find ANY of the things i bought online.

frustrating? a bit.

atleast everyone will be so surprised by my new amazing clothes now. and lauren cant plan out outfits before shes ever actaully seen the clothes in person


let's just say banana republic jeans for eighteen dollars.

i'll update after work.

links and pictures and everything.


theres a little preview for you.

Wednesday, August 6


welll since im a lzy bum who never blogs, i havent said anything about the dresser i painting!!!
or wel;l... was painting. I fianlly finished it yesterday, and surprisingly took less than a weqek. Most of my projects take months to get down bc i well am a lazy bum who never finishes them.
But anyways, I think, I HOPE, that I will finially be getting a full size bed for my birthday (we were all the lucky child that was given the full sized bed for no reason. Really lauren, howdid you end up with it???), and I found the PERFECT bedspread.
yes that is a link. and well i am just so excited about bc it has the pink and green from my dresser and it has purple it in which means my beloved purple chair will match! I am so excited about my BDAY and not bc Im turning eighteen bc that just scares the poopitypoop outta me.
well anyways I must part because im going to some scary store in north side with merebear today!
oh and BACK TO SCHOOL shopping tom and friday, so i MUST update you with all the cuteness momma buys for me.
and i didnt feel like proof reading this so 'poop' if theres a mistake.

Monday, July 14



today is a very historical day.

a "cooper girl" has a job before she is eighteen!!

and an actual(kinda) job.

well way more job-like than a stinkin snocone stand.

that is correct, i am now employed by petsmart... where the pets fart? i dont know. but i will soon have money!! and have a bank account!! and have another reason to FREAKOUT all the time. plus daniel got his AP scores in the mail today which means mine are coming anytime! sososo nervous. oh back to the job thing... I'LL HAVE MONEY!! and i can spend it all on shoooooooes. and 48 dollar shirts from gap and other ridiculous items. and after daniel goes and comes back from vaca and gets himself a job we'll be a "normal" couple (i'll admit we'll never be normalnormal)! with jobs and money. and will actually go on dates!!! and have places to wear our 48 dollar shirts to! oh the excitement that is in store!

but since its after 12 i guess i should be heading to bed so i can dream about the strawberry (not santa clause red) trousers i...okay, mom bought tonight at gap.

arent they just beautiful?

Monday, July 7


I was going non-stop about the last 3weeks of June.
Then I came home.
Then I got sick.
Then I slept more than I have in a veryveryvery long time.
Now I'm better and I feel...PRODUCTIVE!

great day.

oh and get smart is hilarious.
go see it NOW